Here at Inspired Quills we offer much more than just the average proof-reading and copy editing. We offer our creative talents and opinions on your writing project.

While other editing services focus on pointing out and correcting grammatical, formatting or spelling errors, we go far beyond that.

First, we read through your writing project, and then we ask questions to determine what sort of audience the writing is intended for, and which writing style you are trying to achieve, and so on. Once we have a firm idea of what you desire as the outcome of your project, we rewrite it into language that fits those requirements.

  • Do you need your character dialogue to sound more authentic or lively?
  • Do you have an advertisement that lacks the sparkle and pizazz which would really excite people?
  • Does your story-line seem incongruous with the rest of your project?
  • Do all the elements of your project flow flawlessly together?
  • Does your English translation from another language sound a little odd or strained?
  • Do you need a fresh eye to look at what you've written and give opinions on the arrangement and wording?
  • Do you have something that you'd like to write, but you aren't sure how to do it?

Let us do it for you!

These are the things in which we specialize.

In addition to our editing services, we can also offer, to a limited extent, translation services from Swedish or French to English.